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Thompsons HR Consulting LLP: Illuminating Versatile HR Services

October, 20, 2023

In the October 2023 issue of Karunya University's alumni e-magazine, The Missing Link, Thompsons HR Consulting LLP is prominently featured. The publication provides valuable insights into the diverse range of services offered by us. This spotlight sheds light on how we continue to excel in delivering a broad spectrum of HR solutions, showcasing their commitment to providing comprehensive and valuable services in the industry. Read more


What makes you a good candidate

November, 1, 2021

During your face-to-face interviews, the subject matter is not the only thing that counts. Once you get to the interview panel the hiring personnel know that you are competent. But what else are they looking for? Here are some green flags, recruiters feel out for during the interview process, that indicate if you could be a fit. A learning mindset - The onboarding process is seamless when you have an open mindset and willingness to learn and adapt to a new work environment. This comes in handy as you grow with the company too. Familiarity with the company - Study the company and understand its purpose, business model, the types of activities you’d likely be engaged with and tell us how you would like to contribute beyond the scope of the job description. A healthy curiosity - Feel free to ask relevant questions regarding, the responsibilities the intrinsic motivation of the existing team, the company policy, or anything else relevant to the position Clarity in communication - Being able to clearly articulate your goals and showcase your skills is a make-or-break factor during the interview. Reasonable salary expectations - Not every business can afford top-paid talent or are willing to commit to those expectations right away during an interview. Smaller and medium-sized businesses would prefer to stick to market norms.

Your age is not a cage

Your Age is not a cage

July, 26, 2021

Ageism in the workplace may not seem so obvious at first, but it exists everywhere. If you are the oldest person in your office or potential workplace, you may want to evaluate the situation a little. Your age is not a cage Take steps to address potential age discrimination even if it is very subtle and unintentional. 1. Keep your skills fresh. Every single industry changes over time. Some fields like technology and media evolve faster, as new products develop and priorities change. The core skills you developed throughout your career still matter. But so do new skills you will need to learn to stay relevant in the workplace. 2. Focus on your skills, not your “over-qualification,” in interviews. Experience is normally a net positive unless you are an older candidate. The interview panel may be concerned that you are too qualified. If you feel the job in question requires skills far below what you offer, bow out graciously. But if the position suits your current skill set (and pay requirements), then outline your expertise differently. 3. Emphasize your problem-solving skills. Companies are always going to have challenges, and a chief function of business is to identify and solve them. Unlike millennials, you may not have a reliance on smart technology and search engines to fix problems. The ability to offer creative solutions without depending on technology could be your superpower. 4. Be proactive about requesting feedback When you have a lot of experience, you will be functioning more independently. From time to time, solicit feedback from your peers and managers. It shows your willingness to adapt and change, get ahead of any potential concerns, and course-correct if need be. Being “seasoned,” or “older” in the workplace does not need to be a career killer. Your high level of experience can be the key that unlocks doors to new opportunities–and leads you to the next steps in building your legacy. #AgeismAtTheWorkplace

Finding a job during the Pandemic

Finding a Job during the Pandemic

May, 21, 2021

Finding a job during the Pandemic Companies might not be hiring today, because they’re figuring out how to do business virtually, but they will be hiring. 1. Recognize the immediate concerns first If you can afford to put your job search on hold, you may want to linger in your current role. If you’re unemployed and need a stopgap, pursue opportunities that makes sense for you, not just pays the bill. Don't rush into anything. 2. Learn, unlearn, relearn If you are thinking about getting more skilled or complete certification exams, this is the ideal time for that. This way when the market improves, you'll be better qualified. 3. Introspect A slow job market gives you a breather where you can realign your career goals or explore your options. Reach out to mentors who will encourage your aspirations. 4. Keep networking online Follow other professionals in your industry socially and signup for virtual events. Make yourself more visible by participating in relevant conversations, posting articles to demonstrate your expertise. 5. Research Take note of how leadership deals with this emergency by following a prospective company on social media and watching for any media coverage. When called in for an interview, you capitalize on what you have learnt as discussion points and explain how you could support their goals. Work on the foundation you can build up on so that when the crisis is over you can put up the walls.


Update your resume for the New Normal

November, 18, 2020

Resume needs and trends are ever-changing. Though ones work experience and skills have stayed the same, there are ways to update your resume for the present recruiting process. Follow these steps to give yourself the best opportunity for success.

  • Indicate your telecommunication skills by using specific platform keywords. Mention video conferencing software (Zoom, Google meet) you have mastered or Twitter engagement you have raised.
  • Showcase adaptability to rapid changes, modified budgets implementing platforms like RemoteHQ for remote team collaboration and new roles taken on despite a downsized team — all during COVID19.
  • Including a bold resume title - though considered an old habit- immediately grabs the attention and shows that the candidate is a potential fit for the job.
  • Make sure to include the URL to your LinkedIn profile at the top of your resume, as recruiters can learn more about your credentials.
  • Add a concise experience summary to summarize your professional life and achievements, core capabilities and experience level to create a good first impression.
  • Write a brief description of the companies you’ve worked for as it gives an idea of your workload and the amount of support or resources that were available to you.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with #readytowork to alert hiring employers of your current availability. When set to “public,” employers are able to discover your profile and reach out with relevant job opportunities. You can remove the hashtag at any time when you edit your resume summary.

Reword an existing resume with the above pointers in mind to suit present COVID19 time needs. For a heads-ups new openings, check our job page.

#RestartResponsibly #ResumeTrends


Happy Global Talent Acquisition Day!

September, 2, 2020

Team THRC We're celebrating #TalentAcquisition by working passionately together, to assist our clients to acquire the best talent to expand their businesses and connect talented individuals along their professional journey. We want to take this occasion to express our gratitude to our longtime clients who have supported us on our own journey as a company. We at Thompson's HR Consulting LLP, thank you for choosing us to be your HR Partner. #TeamTHRC


The Highs & Lows of Working from Home

April, 7, 2020

Working from home is not without hassles. And as COVID-19 pandemic keeps us indoors, we're taking another look at the The Highs & Lows of Working from Home. Read more. #TheQuarentineLife

Impact of COVID-19 on Hiring

Impact of COVID-19 on Hiring

March, 20, 2020

With the corona virus outbreak, most businesses have shifted from boardrooms to drawing rooms as organizations co-operate with governments across the country to flattens the curve through social distancing. Read more on how recruitment processes are adapting to the epidemic, #StillHiring


Breaking the glass ceiling

February, 21, 2020

Women have embraced the role of being a breadwinner and a homemaker with great aplomb. Women are prized for their empathetic skills, the caring, and genuineness they bring into the workplace. The credit for bringing more feelings into an office goes to them.


Increase the happiness quotient in your career

February, 21, 2020

Happiness is the key ingredient that motivates us to get to work every day and put in our best effort. If one is not happy and work becomes routine productivity levels decline


What to do after your Appraisals

February, 21, 2020

Appraisals can be a nerve-wracking or pleasant experience, and it all depends on the work that has been put in before this event. Evaluations are a time for one to take stock of growth


Why should you research a company before you apply there

February, 21, 2020

The pressure one feels to find a new job when the present one is unbearable can be tremendous. It can be worse when one doesn’t have a job to begin with.


Why you should draft your resume uniquely for every Job Application

February, 21, 2020

Envisioning a career path for yourself involves understanding what position would be best suited for you. The pursuit of the ideal job is a process that comprises of many steps.


Importance of Soft Skills

February, 21, 2020

As Peggy Klaus, a leading corporate trainer puts it, ‘Soft skills get little respect but can make or break your career.’